why ed sheeran is a lyrical genius

  • ed: it's alright to die cause death is the only thing you haven't tried but just for tonight hold on
  • ed: when my hair's all but gone and my memory fades and the crowds don't remember my name when my hands don't play the same strings the same way i know you will still love me the same
  • ed: i don't get waves of missing you anymore they're more like tsunami tides in my eyes
  • ed: you can fit me inside the necklace you got when you were sixteen next to your heartbeat where i should be keep it deep within your soul
Is Olicity Really Over?
Despite one “explosive” date and sizzlin’ hot kiss, things seemed to cool on the Olicity front by the end of the premiere. But it can’t be over before it really starts, right?! “Their relationship—we’ve always said it’s going to have ups and downs and twists and turns,” Guggenheim says. “It’s hard for me to answer the question without spoiling too much, but I think Oliver and Felicity have a very emotional scene together in episode 2. This is not the last time we’ll hear the words ‘I love you’ in connection with Oliver and Felicity. But I never want to turn to the back of the book and read to everyone the last page because I think part of the fun or agony of watching these two people is, ‘They’re together!’ ‘They’re apart.’ ‘They’re together!’ ‘They’re apart.’ We’ll see what the future holds for them.”
And for those of you trying to figure out who really ended things with whom, Guggenheim clears up that question right away.
“They’re both conflicted. And I think that’s what makes their relationship so tortured—that they’re both so conflicted about it,” he says. “Our goal in writing that scene was to make it even-handed in terms of who’s ending it. But there’s a scene in episode 2 that’s a follow-up and sort of a sequel to it and clarifies it a good deal more. It’s also something we’re going to be dealing with over the course of the season. The end of that hospital scene didn’t just take Oliver and Felicity and put them back in a box. The repercussions of that scene and that storyline in episode 1, that’s going to follow them over the course of season three. It’s not over.”
Marc Guggenheim (via stilettoroyalty)